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Ways to Donate

The Go On Girl! Book Club Scholarship Committee is currently seeking contributions to fund its scholarships and awards for students who are aspiring writers attending HBCU schools and unpublished writers from within the African Diaspora.

Our goal is to award as many Aspiring Writer Scholarships and Unpublished Writer Awards as donations to the Scholarship/Writers Fund will allow. We currently give several contributions annually, ranging from $500 to $2000 annually.  However, it is our earnest mission to encourage great literature, increase those numbers and ultimately the amount we are able to give to celebrate those upcoming authors.


1. GOG Scholarship Fund
Make a direct contribution to the GOG Scholarship Fund. You can make your contribution online or pdfdownload the form to make your tax-deductible contribution.

2. As A United Way Donor At Your Office
Make a contribution through your workplace United Way Donor Option Program. Please use the address below and your local United Way will contact us to assign a number.

Go On Girl! Book Club  
Box #1174, 1280 Lexington Avenue, Ste. 2
New York, NY 10028

3. Purchase Books through African American Literature Book Club (AALBC)
Make a contribution when you purchase books from our reading list on AALBC. Just go to our reading list and hit the "buy now" button for the book of your choice from the list. AALBC will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale to the scholarship fund. Click here for our Reading List on AALBC.