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2009 - Bryne Berry

Award: Unpublished Writers Award
Award Year: 2009
Award Presented: 2009 - Houston, TX
Award Description: <p>A high school senior, Bryne Christine Berry has the proud distinction of being the youngest winner ever of the GOG Aspiring Writer Award. Her intriguing excerpt, written at such a young age, is an indication Berry is cut out for a prodigious future. She is inspired by the poetic influences of Gwendolyn Brooks and Langston Hughes and desires to craft comedic material while also writing for local magazines and periodicals.</p><p>Berry received the 2009 GOG Unpublished Writer Award for her untitled short story about a Black vampire. Here she shares her inspiration for the story:</p><p>"My novel excerpt is less of a vampire story but more of an answer to a question that arose while watching the movie Twilight which featured a Black vampire. How does he feel knowing that although he has all the strength and speed in the world, that throughout history he has been despised not just because he is a vampire but because he has black skin? My story still without a title, follows, Kizzy, a Black vampire who is a survivor of the Rosewood, Florida massacre and who lives with White vampires, in the late 1960's."</p>

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