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2010 - Shavonne Ceruti

Award: Aspiring Writers Scholarship
Award Year: 2010
Award Presented: 2010 - Birmingham, AL
Award Description: <p>New York native Shavonne Ceruti is a junior at Winston-Salem State University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina where she is an English major who advocates for the empowerment of women. Ceruti is attracted to books with strong female characters. The Color Purple by Alice Walker and The Women of Brewster Place by Gloria Naylor are two of her favorite books. This is what she had to say about how these books/authors have inspired her:</p><p>"I love them because they illustrate the strength and bond that women have. They show that even through the most dire of circumstances, Black women can overcome. We can find our own voices, identify our strengths and maintain our independence."</p>

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