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Children of Blood and Bone (Legacy of Orisha)
Aug 2019
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Book Description:

Set in the fictional kingdom of Orisha, an African nation, Children of Blood and Bone tells the story of a vindictive ruler Saran and his vendetta against the Maji. The Maji each have different magic skills; each has white hair marking them as belonging to that class. Zélie, a Maji, hopes to bring back the magic her own dead mother had, a Reaper whose skill allowed her to call on the spirits of the dead. During a chance meeting in the marketplace, Zélie meets Amari, Saran’s daughter, who joins her in her quest to obtain three objects necessary to rekindle magic. Hunted by Amari’s brother Inan, Zélie and her own brother Tzain battle not only Saran’s soldiers but also their own moral and personal battles.

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