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Living and Dying in Brick City
Feb 2014
Genre: Social Commentary/Cultural Critique
Book Description:

Dr. Davis, new author to GOG, nationally recognized author, motivational speaker, and physician. Dr. Davis has co-authored three other books the Pack, The Bond and We Made It.  His latest book Living and Dying in Brick City: An Emergency Room physician returns Home is a must-read, must-share for ALL concerned about healthcare crisis in the urban cities of America.

Dr. Davis's Living and Dying in Brick City: An emergency room physician returns home depicts an African American born and raised in "Brick City" Newark, New Jersey who return back home "Brick City", New Jersey to work as an emergency room physician. The author depicts personal  patient accounts while working in the emergency rooms of Brick City, New Jersey, from senseless death related to poor emergency response, diabetes, addiction, asthma, obesity, cancer, gang and domestic violence to name a few.

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