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The Rose Petal Beach
Jun 2014
Genre: International
Awards Won for book: Author of the Year: 2014 - Dorothy Koomson
Book Description:

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  It grabbed my interest from the first few pages.  The story begins with a contemporary British middle class family's bucolic existence being abruptly interrupted by the police knocking on the door and hauling away Scott Challey in handcuffs in front of his adoring wife Tami and their two young girls.  What's most surprising and unsettling for Tami is that Scott does not seem surprised or ask what he's being arrested for.  Thus begins the tale of hidden secrets, alliances and broken trust. Author Dorothy Koomson does an excellent job weaving in the backstory of her 5 main characters, while advancing the plot through its many interesting twists.  Just when I thought I had everything figured out and wondered what the remaining 300 pages could possibly contain, she introduced an unexpected development that kept the unfolding of the story moving along at a rapid pace, keeping me in suspense.  This is the second book I've read by this author and it only makes me want to read more from her.  The title, cover and description on amazon might make you think this is a romance novel but it is DEFINITELY NOT!!!  I think Go On Girls looking for a different type of book for our international genre selection will find it here.  I highly recommend this book.  If you look Ms. Koomson up on Amazon and read the individual reviewers' comments, you'll see she has a lot of fans.

About the author:  Dorothy Koomson is a contemporary British novelist born in London in 1971.  Koomson has degrees in Psychology and Journalism and is a graduate of Leeds University. She has written for a number of women's magazines and newspapers, as well as having had seven successful novels published in the UK and US.

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