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Say You're One of Them
May 2010
Genre: Short Story Collection (same author)
Book Description:

"Say You're One of Them is a collection of three short stories and two novellas set in varying countries in Africa, all told through the narration of vulnerable children during moments of extreme upheaval in their lives. "An Ex-Mas Feast" tells the story of eight-year-old Jigana's family struggle to deal with the extreme poverty that has forced them into street begging and sends their twelve-year-old daughter into a life of child prostitution. The story revolves around the family's decision to sacrifice their twelve-year-old to ensure that Jigana will be able to attend school and give the family a brighter future. Jigana is overwhelmed with guilt that his sister must work full-time as a prostitute for his own benefit and by the end of the story, he removes himself completely from the family - in the hopes that it will also remove him from the guilt - by running away."

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