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Go on Girl! Book Club Mourns the Loss of Cofounder Lynda Johnson

  • Lynda Johnson, president and national chair of Go On Girl! (GOG) Book Club, died Saturday, September 25th, in New York City.  Go On Girl! Book Club is Lynda's legacy.  She was a visionary and a true leader, who created a literary sisterhood that will forever embody her spirit.  Reach out to with any thoughts, questions, or remarks.   

Go On Girl! Book Club continues to mourn the passing of our President and Cofounder, Lynda M. Johnson.  As we grapple with this loss, we reflect on Lynda's life which was full and magnificent.  Her life's work was meaningful and significant.  This book club is her legacy and in her honor we dedicate this page to reflect on her life and what she meant to us.