About GOG

About Go On Girl! Book Club

About Go On Girl! Book Club

The Go On Girl! Book Club is a nationally recognized reading club committed to fostering an awareness of and appreciation for the diverse literary works by authors of the Black Diaspora. Our deep and authentic respect for literature aligns with our not-for-profit status whereby we earmark the vast majority of organizational funds to furthering our mission and celebrating our love of literature.  Since our founding in 1991, the organization has organically grown into more than 51 chapters consisting of 500+ members in cities across the country.

Every month, we read literary works, meet to discuss them, and then send our review of the work to the authors and their publishing houses. The reading list is a study in variety and includes works in the following categories: anthology, autobiography/biography, historical, international, literary classic, mystery/suspense/thriller, new author, novel/pop fiction, science-fiction/fantasy/horror/speculative fiction, short stories, and social commentary/cultural criticism. The culmination of our reading occurs each year when we recognize the artistic achievements of these authors at our annual Author Awards celebration.

Our Mission

Our goals as an organization are as follows:

1. To expand the members’ personal literary experience by:

  1. Reading quality works written by authors of Black African descent, and
  2. Reading a selection of titles that vary in genre.

2. To encourage responsible writing and publishing of literature written by people of Black African descent by:

  1. Sending book reviews and letters of encouragement to authors and publishers,
  2. Presenting recognition awards for outstanding works,
  3. Purchasing books,
  4. Supporting literary events, and
  5. Making group investments towards worthy literary endeavors.

3. To provide an open forum for the exchange of ideas and opinions by:

  1. Having monthly book discussions and
  2. Networking with other book clubs and literary organizations.

4. To expose the African-American Diaspora to literature written by people of Black African descent by:

  1. Sponsoring Junior GOG! Book clubs for young girls of reading age and
  2. Hosting/sponsoring literary events on our own or jointly with other organizations or institutions.

5. To strengthen the world community’s recognition of literature written by people of Black African descent by:

  1. Partnering with media outlets to showcase Go On Girl! book selections, discussions, and events in print, radio and television and
  2. Maintaining a comprehensive website that features the complete list of Go On Girl!  reading selections and award winning authors.

Contact Us

Contact Us
By Mail:
National Headquarters
P.O. Box 3368
New York, NY 10185
By Email: GOGBookClub@goongirl.org