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December 2022

Letter from the Interim President

“We’re here for a reason. I believe a bit of the reason is to throw little torches out to lead people through the dark.”
― Whoopi Goldberg

As we approach the close of another holiday season and the beginning of 2023 - a year that portends more of what we’ve been experiencing the past two years and heartens each of us to be a light of hope for each other -, I am reminded of Whoopi’s words quoted above by Brendan Slocumb in The Violin Conspiracy.

Indeed, Go On Girl! Book Club is here for a reason! We are an impressive community of Black women bound together by a love for literature. We are guided by a vision of storytelling - where we come together to celebrate the storyteller, for it is the characters in these novels that connect with our humanity by providing a reflection of who we are, what we love, what we fear, what we embrace, how we let go, and most importantly, the bond we share with others across the globe who look like us.

The simple act of coming together once per month increases in intensity as we conduct public forums that showcase our Black authors through various social platforms and workshops. We further heighten our influence as we give scholarships to HBCU students and unpublished writers, and finally we reach a crescendo of celebration at our annual awards weekend where we recognize the stories that resonated the most with our membership.

Each December, the Merriam-Webster dictionary selects its word of the year - a noun searched the most, suggesting that that word has been a part of the national discourse throughout the year. This year the most searched word was “gaslighting” which is not surprising when we’ve witnessed on multiple media platforms the practice of overstating, misleading, and erasing from history our stories for personal and political advantage.

Our ongoing efforts ensure the stories of our people will continue to be told and will not be gaslighted because we know that stories capture the imagination and hold the hopes and dreams of those who came before us and those that will follow. Our very existence helps to lead all people toward the beauty of our stories. Go On Girl! Book Club celebrates, perpetuates, curates, and preserves the gift of reading, of human expression using words – the art of Black
literature. This is why we are different, this is what makes what we do important, and this is the reason we are here!

And so it is for all these reasons, I am grateful to be a part of this organization. I count each of you among my many blessings. I thank each of you for a restorative 2022, and look forward to an illuminating 2023!
In partnership with AALBC and in appreciation of your enduring loyalty to Go On Girl! Book Club, we are extending to each of you a 10% discount on your next purchase with AALBC. Use this code gog2023 when placing your online order.

Vivian Phillips Husband
Interim President

Year End 2022

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