November is National Novel Writing Month

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The month of November is all about authors and books. So kick off November 1st, by celebrating your favorite authors or books. Here are 5 things you can do to show your favorite writer some love.

  1.  You can purchase some books by your favorite author to support them
  2.  Write them a fan letter and tell them what you enjoy about their writing or book
  3.  Introduce someone to your favorite author or book by gifting them a book
  4.  Give a shout out on social media to talk about your favorite book or author all month by using the following hashtags  #Myfavoritebookis(put in the books name) or #Myfavoriteauthoris(insert author name)
  5.  Write a memorable passage/ or quote from your favorite book and post it on social media with the author's name and  book title