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Book Review - Seven Days in June by Tia Williams

seven days in june
The cover art, colors and title of Tia Williams' new novel " Seven Days In June" alone intrigued me. In this romantic, steamy, witty novel we are introduced to Eva Mercy & Shane Hall (two amazing authors/ literary giants), who some might classify as high school sweethearts even though their time together only lasted 7 days in June during their senior year of high school. 15 years later they meet unexpectedly in June and the fireworks explode.
Tia Williams didn't come to play with this new novel, the 1st paragraph in the prologue may have some clutching their pearls but that's just the beginning. Set mainly in NYC I felt like a close friend of Eva and Shane rooting for them both individually and collectively. The novel weaves meticulously through past and present giving the reader an in-depth view of a relationship marked by trauma. It also shows the importance of communication, in any relationship whether it be friendships, business partnerships or mother-daughter relationships.
As a hopeless romantic I was truly invested in the past, present and future of Shane and Eva. "Seven Days In June" evoked all the emotions in me, I laughed out loud and I cried. This realistic page turner is an example of how a rom-com leaves a lasting effect on its readers long after the book is done.
~Ashley R

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